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  • Government-approved gambling

    Humans are greedy creatures, and gambling feeds our greed. However, gambling has existed ever since centuries ago, and it would be entirely impossible for the government to keep track of all illegal gambling underground movement within Singapore, so I suppose the most logical course of action would be to take gambling under its wing and turn it into a form of legal act, such that at least the government would have some semblance of control of gambling affairs in Singapore, leading to the creation of Singapore Pools.

    I don't advocate gambling, but I do suppose Singapore Pools is a fine example of controlled gambling. People aren't allowed to place too high a bet, and prize winnings are split equally in a pool shared with other prize winners, which definitely makes such a form of gambling a pretty docile form, as the system is pretty fair, and the maximum sum of bets imposed certainly won't compel anyone to start borrowing from loan sharks.

    Personally, if I had to make a choice, I would definitely choose Singapore Pools over the casinos at the Integrated Resorts anytime. While the lotteries at Singapore Pools are scheduled, people can enter the Integrated Resorts pretty much every day, which is definitely detrimental.