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Mix Economic Rice / Curry Rice

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  • Mix Economic Rice / Curry Rice

    One of the most go-to stalls for authentic Hainanese flavors, the crowd here goes crazy for the pork chop that has had its crispy skin soaked in the bold flavors of Hainanese curry gravy. The curry is served in excess, drenching your entire plate in more-ish curry flavors. You know that a stall serves great curry rice when you don't need to pick extravagant dishes to go with it, a simple order of fried eggs, with a serving of fried pork or fish or even plain old sardine in spicy sauce with the absolutely delicious Chap Chye (stewed cabbage) and a serving of rice would be enough impetus for a second, third, fourth, fifth or tenth visit. Folks working in the area will soon be finding yourselves at this joint for lunch frequently.

    Top tip:

    Instead of spending your booze money on expensive sliders and chic restaurants all the time, consider having a simple dinner here before heading up to Club Street for a drink or two, which is just a slope up from the entrance nearest to the stall.