A game between two teams on the outskirts of the playoff picture lived up to the hype, but not in a good way. On Monday night, the Falcons and Giants played in one of the worst games of the 2018 season, a game that looked like it belonged to another era of football.

To keep their playoff hopes alive, the Falcons beat the Giants 23-20. The final margin doesn't do the game justice. It never really felt like the Giants were going to win or force overtime. They scored eight points in the final 10 seconds of the game to adorn an otherwise dreadful performance. MORE NFL
By now, you should have a sense of how this game unfolded. It lived up to the hype in the sense that the game sucked as much as both of these teams have sucked all season long. Despite the fact that both teams trotted out bottom-six defenses, points were hard to come by for most of the game, because both offenses looked like they'd never practiced together and were learning a new playbook on the fly.